"The Bag Maker" from the Book Of Trades - 1568I have been working with leather for over twenty years and specialize in making historically accurate Medieval, Tudor and Stuart leatherwork for re-enactment, museums, theatre and the heritage industry.

All my work is made by hand using only the materials and techniques available to the craftsmen of the time. I only use leathers that were commonly available and dye and dress them myself using period recipes. Everything is hand sewn and all the designs are taken from surviving examples or from paintings and prints.

By working in the way the original craftsmen did my work has a very authentic look and feel to it that cannot be achieved with the modern leathers and methods used by many other leather workers.

If you can't find what you are looking for please contact me. I am happy to undertake commissions and I can alter any of the designs on this site to suit your preferences.

Leather Doublet
Mens Pouches
Butt Stitching
Ladies Purses
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