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Heavy Weight Cloths

These cloths are plain (tabby) woven in England from 100% pure new wool. This cloth is similar to Melton (traditionally used for military uniforms) but is not as heavily felted. The Cloth weighs approximately 700 grams per square metre or 20 oz per square yard. It is 76 cm (30 inches) wide.

It is suitable for all sorts of projects such as doublets, bodices, breeches, trousers and coats etc. where hard wearing and warm cloths are wanted.

Please click on the images bellow to see details of each piece of cloth

Buckthorn Yellow 1
Price per Metre - 17.50
2.3 Metres available
Madder/Brazilwood Red 2
Price per Metre - 22.50
4.8 Metres available
Madder/Brazilwood Red 9
Price per Metre - 22.50
4.9 Metres available
Walnut Hull Brown 1
Price per Metre - 20.00
3.9 Metres available

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