1745 Infantry Equipment

Only the waist belt hanger and the sling are available to order at the moment. The cartridge pouch is unavailable due to a lack of suitable buckles.

This is a set of mid 18th century English infantry equipment that is based on "The Clothing Book" illustrations 1735 and a number of other sources. All the strap work is made from oil tanned buff leather and the pouch is made from vegetable tanned calf and shoulders and is dyed with Logwood (the most common black dye at the time)

The cartridge pouch is a double calf pouch with a stiff cattle hide flap. The pouch has a separate sewn-in pouch for a set of tin tubes (I can't supply the tin tubes at the moment) that hold the cartridges. There is access to the bottom of the outer bag where spare flints, tools and spare cartridges can be kept.

The waist belt hanger has two slots - one for the sword and the second for the bayonet. There is no visible surface stitching on the surface of the frog - the seams being butt stitched on the reverse. This is a common feature on mid 18th century military leatherwork.

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