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Bandoliers for Musketeers - A wide range of bandoliers and other essentials for the English civil war soldier.
White Rabbit Lynens - Historically accurate and bespoke undergarments such as shirts, smocks, drawers, collars, ruffs, cuffs and coifs.
Paul Binns Swords - An very talented blacksmith who makes hand forged early period weaponry..
Danegeld - Hand made dark age and medieval jewllery.
Paul Meekins - An extensive range of new and out of print military and history books from the Roman period through to world war two.
Sara Juniper - A talented cordwainer who makes shoes from the Roman period to the 19th century, without taking any short cuts.
The Tudor Group - An historical interpretation group who concentrate on re-creating domestic life in the Tudor period.
Englyshe Plate Armourie - Finest quality medieval armour reproduced in the English, Italian and German styles.
Museum of Leathercraft -Internationally acknowledged as having one of the finest collections of leather artifacts in the world.
Military Metalwork - A small company specializing the manufacture of accoutrements, regalia, metalwork, military hats and leatherwork.
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